Jarle Bernhoft & Fridtjof Nilsen

Kenneth not only has great ears and taste, but when he truly believes in something he never stops fighting for it. We spent days and nights in the studio with him and he became a close friend and mentor. He was the fifth band-member we never had! Kenneth understands music and people, and that makes him […]

Anna Rebekka

“Being part of Bifrost, is like being part of a family! With all the knowledge they have and all the passion for what they do, there is nothing being done halfway. The team in Bifrost is incredibly talented: they come up with innovative and creative ideas, which can make a gray stone into a shining […]

Ida Maria

“Kenneth Lewis has a genuine understanding of music and musical expression. He can definitely help you reach a new level of potential at any stage in your career. And his heart is as big as his talent!”